The Power Stick

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Hank on The Power Stick

Add 10 yards, 20 yards, even 30 yards to your shot . . . in a matter of minutes a day!

Some golf training aids are one-trick ponies. They kind of solve a single problem, then they become this useless piece of equipment you’ve outgrown.

Not the case with the Power Stick. This training aid is designed to continuously challenge you even as you improve. Plus, it does more than amp up your clubhead speed.

As a Power Stick owner, you can expect to:

  • Swing faster and faster over time, as the Force Adjustable Magnet allows you to increase your speed setting as you improve.
  • Power up your swing more quickly, because you can practice adding powerful lag to your swing even when there’s snow on the ground or you can’t make it to the driving range. And you don’t need a ball, net or range to train with the Power Stick!
  • Finally find smooth and consistent tempo, thanks to the extra flexible shaft.
  • Learn to hold the club like a pro with the Power Stick’s specially designed grip.
  • Discover more accuracy and consistency on the golf course. The Power Stick helps you turn your new, improved technique into habit, which leads to cleaner contact and longer and more consistent shots with every club.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the Power Stick throughout your entire golf bag. Your improved, more powerful swing that you’ll develop with the Power Stick will translate to every single club, so you can expect to hit longer on every single full shot.

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