Free video presentation reveals how low, mid and high handicappers alike
can reconstruct their swings and add more yards and accuracy than ever before…

Legendary Golf Instructor Hank Haney
Reveals the Swing Mechanics Behind
“The Best Stretch of Golf Ever Played”

Hank’s students have won every major tournament in professional, amateur and junior golf. He’s coached more than 200 touring pros, including Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods, whose 48 wins and 6 Major championships (while Haney was his coach) is widely considered the best stretch of golf ever played. Now Hank shows you how to leverage your body’s own mechanics to unlock the distance and accuracy potential in every swing.

No matter if your handicap is 16… or 36… you’re about to discover a secret that will get you the distance and accuracy you’ve always dreamed of. It comes from Hank Haney, the legendary coach who helped take Tiger Woods to 48 wins and 6 majors in what many consider the best stretch of golf that has ever been played…

From here on out, your pals are going to get real quiet when you line up in the tee box.

Big Promise?

You bet.

If it wasn’t such a legendary coach making it, I wouldn’t believe it either.

Let me share the breakthrough I learned from Hank Haney.

You see many golfers think a radical shift in the way they swing is the only way to add distance and accuracy.

But, according to Hank, that’s baloney.

The truth is, Hank would tell you there is no perfect swing… it’s all about harnessing the natural swing that your body wants to take.

Look, I’ve played 30 years of golf, including at the college level and studied the top golf instructors in the world… and what I saw Hank do in less than 30 minutes showed me he can fix ANY swing.

Take Rob Gordon for instance.

Rob’s a solid golfer with a low handicap. Hank and I met him at Desert Highlands golf course on a recent warm Arizona afternoon.

And after only 15 minutes of Hank’s instruction, he wrote this after playing a round the next day:

“Learned More in 15 Minutes With Hank Than 37 hours of 
Instruction from a Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher I have never driven the ball so well, with long, baby draws. I hit irons 15 yards longer. I had my best round in a while, losing strokes only because my approach irons sailed straight over flags with the new length. 
I learned more about the downswing in 15 minutes with Hank than with 37 hours of instruction from a Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher. 
Thought you might like to know and to pass it on to Hank.” 

- Rob Gordon

So what is Hanks secret?

Well, I’ll tell you this, you won’t find other instructors talking about it. They way most of them teach swing has far more moving parts.

Hank’s method is much more simple and efficient.

In fact, it’s a new way of looking at your games foundation.

Haney calls it a blueprint.

And with it, you can rapidly add at least 15 yards of distance to your strikes easier than any method I’ve seen.

Let’s say right now you’re stuck at 99 over 18 holes.

Armed with Hank’s blueprint, I’m certain you could shave up to 9 strokes within a couple of weeks…

Almost all of it coming from added distance with your driver and irons…

Sure, at first, it may seem a little strange. In fact, during your first round after learning the blueprint you could have the same problem as Rob… where you can’t help but hit the ball further than you wanted to.

But over another round or two, you’ll find yourself using shorter clubs on approach shots… and watching your score drop even lower.

Not only did Hank’s blueprint get a good golfer like Rob 15 extra yards with his irons after 15 minutes… in one session it fixed celebrity chef Mario Batali’s swing on the Golf Channel’s smash hit The Haney Project.

The blueprint won’t change your natural bio-mechanics… it enhances them.

It has to do with your swing… but probably not in the way you think.

You see, the blueprint fixes a specific aspect of your swing… your swing plane.

Think about it…

How Many Times Do YOU Swing a Club Each Round?

According to Golfsmith, the average golfer shoots around 100 over 18 holes.

Assuming 3 puts on half of their holes… that leaves 55 swings with a wood or iron during a round.

Each of those shots is critical for getting the distance and accuracy you need to cut the length of the course and drop your score.

So I’m sure you can agree that 55-60 swings dictates your game.

Now add in practice swings, and every round you’re swinging a club at least 150 times.

Most of the time… swinging the wrong way and burning it into muscle memory.

Sure, occasionally you accidentally get it right…

Think back to those rare occasions where you hit a fantastic shot. The sound of a fast shaft… the sight of your ball in flight… that FEELING you get from a great strike is like nothing else you’ve ever felt.

But most of the time… you’re not hitting missiles… you’re hooking or slicing the ball and you’d give anything to shut that lippy golf buddy up…

Well, I’m about to show you what could be your answer.

Look, I don’t have to tell you how frustrating the game of golf can be when you’re not hitting the ball well.

That’s why so many golfers leave the game each and every year.

And with all of the instant fixes that don’t live up to their promises… the lessons from pros that don’t provide breakthroughs… the hours spent on the range spraying balls all over the place… not to mention the taunting from pals when your drives don’t match up to theirs… it’s no wonder people get frustrated, stop having fun, and give up.

Well, I’m here to tell you new clubs won’t fix your problem until your swing gets dialed in.

But the problem is… it’s very difficult to teach someone how to swing with consistency.

And until you can find that rare instructor… the game will continue to baffle you.

Well, Hank Haney Isn’t Just Any Golf Instructor…

Sure, he’s coached the best golfer in modern times… Tiger Woods.

But he’s also coached one of the worst in Charles Barkley.

I probably don’t have to tell you he’s instructed over 200 touring pros… his students have won every major championship in professional golf, amateur golf and junior golf.

Hank’s been named one of the top two golf instructors by Golf Digest…

He’s been an analyst for ESPN golf…

He’s written 4 books on golf instruction, and a #1 New York Times best seller The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods.

I’m sure you already know Hank is a legend.

But here’s what you probably don’t know.

Since 1976, Hank has taught over 50,000 lessons.

And his students all fell somewhere between Charles Barkley and Tiger Woods… people a lot like you. Passionate about the game with a hunger to get better. Looking for that edge that gives them bragging rights on the 19th…

That means Hank knows exactly how to teach golfers at EVERY level.

Golfers who were tall, short, overweight, rail skinny, young, old, stiff, un-athletic and everything in between.

And his biggest takeaway from the tens of thousands of lessons he’s taught over close to 40 years is this…

If you want the fastest and easiest way to improve your game… start with a Parallel Plane.

Now maybe you’re wondering…

What Is a Parallel Plane?

Hank says every golfer has a unique Parallel Swing Plane. It’s based on a few things.

First, it’s based on your body’s shape and size… like how tall you are and how long your arms and legs are.

And secondly, it’s based on how you set up to the ball.

When you swing on your ideal Parallel Plane, you’ll have a consistent swing. You’ll hit with the club face square and hit the ball in the center of the club.

That gives you more distance… and more accuracy.

Look at any pro. His swing looks like it’s on rails each time he swings… no matter what club he’s using.

That’s because the swing plane is locked in.

Sure, sometimes they still hit bad shots. Even Tiger does.

But the point is… their swing is more consistent than yours.

And of course a consistent swing is what you want to boost your distance.

Listen, Hank says distance equals potential in the game of golf.

How much more distance could you coax out of a round if your swing had a consistent plane and your club could do what it was designed to do?

Well, let me tell you… you’d get people’s heads turning to watch with shock and awe each time you launch a howitzer shot off the tee.

Finally, you’d be the guy getting all the respect and kudos.

And if that’s what you want… Hank’s brand-new blueprint is an honest short-cut that gives you the fluid, powerful swing you’ve always wanted.

The Master-Key to Golf…

What separates great athletes from average ones?

Mastering the fundamentals.

How did Michael Jordan become the best basketball player of all time?

He practiced dribbling, shooting and passing, which are the fundamentals of basketball.

Payton Manning uses this secret… and it’s helped him become one of the best quarterbacks of all time. His footwork and throwing motion are legendary.

It’s the same with any high performer. Elite soldiers, Master Musicians, Fighter Pilots… you name it. They would all tell you they “learned how to do just a few things well.”

In fact, any exceptional performance rests on a bedrock of fundamentals.

Well, when it comes to golf, solid swing fundamentals are the master-key to your performance.

Take Tiger Woods for example.

When Hank started working with Tiger, he was already a good golfer. But Hank went right to work on his swing plane.


Because your swing is the most fundamental skill in the game of golf.

And that’s why Hank Haney has been such a successful instructor and coach.

The 50,000 lessons he’s given have shown him the simplest and easiest way to transform any golfers swing plane to a Parallel Swing Plane … and master this vital fundamental.

Of course you may just know Hank as Tiger’s coach. Why do you think Tiger approached him?

It was because no one could teach swing like Hank Haney.

But I’m sure you’ve probably guessed that it’s different teaching golf enthusiasts than it is coaching pros.

So after working six years with Tiger, Hank rethought how to teach average golfers to swing.

You see, since parting ways with Tiger, Hank has given lessons to thousands of golfers. Golfers who were far more challenging to teach than pros.

And because he’s worked with so many weekend warriors after coaching the world’s greatest golfer… he had to come up with a completely new way to teach average golfers how to achieve a Parallel Swing Plane.

More on that in a minute…

But first, I know you can spend as much as $300 on swing plane training aids… and some of them are great. But the truth is, they only give you a piece of the puzzle.

You see, the biggest problem with teaching the correct swing plane is diagnosing where your swing is breaking plane.

And knowing where you’re going wrong… and knowing exactly how to correct swing plane problems on the fly is a skill that will help you in the one place it REALLY counts…

on the course!

Of course you may have worked on your swing a lot. Maybe a local pro has given you some lessons… but you’re still hooking and slicing more than you’d like.

Hank’s blueprint can help you a lot faster than you think.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes a few weeks ago when Hank fixed a…

Overweight, Unathletic Older Golfer’s
 Swing Plane in About 30 Minutes!

You probably remember the story of Rob Gordon, the low handicapper Hank worked with for 15 minutes. The guy who added 15 yards to his iron shots during a match the very next day.

Well, he wasn’t the only golfer Hank worked with that warm day in Arizona…

Hank watched a few people at the driving range and zeroed in on one.

We’ll call him Bill.

Hank took Bill aside and asked if he could help.

As you can imagine… Bill was somewhat taken aback. After all, Hank Haney had just offered him help him!

So we carted him off to an isolated section of the course where we would film Hank’s blueprint.

Bill was a great guy who worked hard on his game.

Despite the fact that he’s a bit overweight, not really athletic… and a bit stiff, he loves the game and tries to play regularly. Hank asked for his handicap and Bill sheepishly told him it was 30.

I watched as Hank asked him to grab his driver and tee up a ball.

Hank then told Bill to address the ball and show us what he could do.

Bill took a couple of practice swings, set up and hit a ball… high and to the right. All told… the ball landed about 200 yards away.

Hank asked how that swing compared to his “normal” swing. Bill looked down at the ground and told him it was about average.

While Bill’s ball landed about 200 yards away… it was way off line. On a 500 yard par his ball would have been lying about 350 yards from the pin.

So Hank went to work.

He explained his Parallel Swing Plane for about 15 minutes. Bill soaked it all in.

Then, Hank helped correct Bill’s grip and showed him a few very unorthodox swings.

Hank corrected each flaw and gave Bill tips to help him realize what was going on with his swing at any given moment.

Then Hank had him tee up another ball and strike.

Again and again Hank had him repeat, barking instructions like a baseball coach.

After a few strikes and about 30 practice swings … Hank told him it was go-time. Time to tee up the ball and see how his swing had settled in.

Bill grabbed 3 more balls from a bucket and teed the first one up.

You could see Bill rehearsing in his mind and then he took three practice swings.

The moment he addressed the ball… I could see the difference in his setup. Not only that, as he swung, I could see and hear the extra speed as his club face hit the ball with a crack.

We all watched his beautiful ball fly straight down the fairway in near perfect flight that settled 280 yards away.

Let me tell you… I never saw a man smile like Bill was smiling. He launched bomb after bomb… all between 270 and about 290 yards… straight down the fairway.

What an amazing swing transformation in about 30 minutes!

And when we compared his last three strikes with his first… he added about 80 yards of distance. But that’s not all. His strikes were far more accurate… chopping another 130 yards per drive off the hole.

So instead of hitting high right and landing 350 from the pin… he was hammering the ball so well he was only 220 yards away!

Think about it… would you be happy with that kind of improvement in 30 minutes?

Who wouldn’t?

Let me show you how to get it…

Introducing, The Haney Blueprint

After almost 40 years of teaching and 50,000 lessons, Hank discovered the fastest way to master the fundamentals of the Parallel Swing Plane.

It’s called The Haney Blueprint, and its Hank’s brand new system.

Now, if you’re thinking this is just another swing course, you couldn’t be further from the truth. This new system is the result of over 10,000 lessons Hank has given after his six years of coaching Tiger.

It’s been hardened and proven in the crucible of teaching average golfers just like you.

And for the first time ever, you can get this one-of-a-kind training from a man I consider to be the best instructor alive.

Only Hank teaches the Haney Parallel Plane…

The unique Parallel Swing Plane is what allows your club to return to its original setup position, which is perfectly square. It’s a more simple motion that relies on a single plane so it’s much easier to learn.

You see, most methods being taught today show you a multi-plane swing, which is one of the hardest swings to learn because you’re moving your hands and the club through several planes. And that requires impeccable timing!

But now you can have the swing that’s perfect for your distinctive proportions and natural biomechanics… because Hank will teach you how to stay on ONE plane.

The Haney Parallel Plane method covers 3 things you won’t find any other instructor teaching:

  • You get the “know-how” you need to swing on one plane…
  • Plus it shows you how to self-diagnose swing problems so you can get back on plane…
  • And finally it locks the Parallel Swing Plane into muscle memory.

In fact, Hank can help you dial in your swing in about an hour… and in about 15 minutes a day, you’ll lock your Parallel Swing Plane into muscle memory. In just a couple of weeks, it will feel like your swings are on tracks that automatically guide your club along its ideal arc.

Plus you’ll get the tools to keep your swing plane in the groove.

Here’s how it works.

The first component is a new video training course that shows you:

  • Grip tweaks that overcome your natural tendency to hook or slice the ball… even though it may seem the opposite of what you thought.
  • The palm grip or the finger grip… which one is right for you?
  • How to achieve your natural Parallel Swing Plane using Hank’s exclusive “two aim” method.
  • The key to almost instantly adding a minimum of 4 miles per hour to your swing speed… and get “free’ extra yardage each swing… plus the added loft that gives you pin-point accuracy.
  • The myth of the most over used golf tip given by instructors that holds you back from your ideal swing. (Hint: No touring pro does this… why should you?)

But that’s not all.

You see over the last few years, Hank has made a huge discovery in teaching golfers how to achieve a Parallel Swing Plane.

The fact is, teaching swing in a video series has been extremely difficult.


Because Hank couldn’t be there to give you the most important aspect of learning…

Instant Swing Feedback!

Think about it.

If you’ve ever bought a video instruction course to help improve your game… there is always one missing ingredient.

And that ingredient is feedback.

Of course it’s impossible to have Hank looking over your shoulder and giving you the all-important feedback that ensures you’re swinging the right way.

But after years of putting together video courses… he knew there had to be a way to beef up this weak point.

So Hank recently developed a way to self-diagnose your swing so you could instantly make the adjustments to correct it.

Because as far as Hank is concerned… you need the right information on the fundamentals of swing… and the tools to diagnose and correct your swing plane.

That’s why Hank developed a 1-2 punch to get the information to stick.

First, you’ll discover how to diagnose your swing in the video. And that’s great… when you’re by your TV or Computer.

But what about when you’re at the driving range or playing a round?

Well, it’s as good as your memory.

That’s why you’ll get a second tool for diagnosing your swing plane when the videos aren’t so handy.

We call it “The Swing Plane Caddy.”

The Swing Plane Caddy can go everywhere you golf.

On the driving range, the course… even in your back yard, it’s your self-diagnosis tool for finding the groove with your swing plane.

Here’s how it works.

There are six bad shots you’ll ever make. Slicing, Pulls, Hooks, Top shots, Thin Shots and Fat shots. Each of those shots leaves a clue, Hank calls it a pattern.

Once you know the pattern, The Swing Plane Caddy gives you a specific fix to coax your swing plane back into alignment your next swing.

That is the vital information to diagnose where your swing plane went wrong… and the precise fix to correct it.

The Swing Plane Caddy is the closest thing you’ll ever have to Hank watching your swing. Using it gives you instant feedback so you cut the learning curve to your ideal swing.

So, you’ll get Hank teaching you the master fundamental of golf… plus his unique self-diagnosis tools to give you the critical feedback you need to achieve the ideal swing plane… and make it repeatable.

Now for the icing on the cake…

Hank Haney’s 15 Minute Routine
 Locks In Your Unique Parallel Swing Plane

After Hank teaches you how to diagnose and correct your Parallel Swing Plane … you’re going to want to lock it into muscle memory.

And the final piece of The Haney Blueprint is designed to do just that.

Of course you know that with practice comes mastery. But unfortunately, most golf programs minimize that fact because they’re feeding off your desire to get fast results.

But Hank doesn’t want me to sugarcoat the fact you’ll need to practice.

Yes, the instruction and self-diagnosis get you close to your ideal swing, but if you really want the fastest results… you’re going to need some repetition.

Look, maybe you only get to the golf course once a week. That’s not going to be enough if you want a speedy breakthrough.

Which is why Hank developed 3 specific drills you can do at home – or at the office – in about 15 minutes a session.

The drills are simple… yet powerful. They assure your swing plane aligns the center of the club face with the ball… puts the bottom of your swing where it should be and rapidly builds muscle memory so you get the one thing every golfer wants…


Look, The Haney Blueprint is not like any instructional system I’ve seen. And I’ve seen hundreds.

The system teaches you the Haney Parallel Plane – which is a single plane and not some hard to master multi-plane method. Plus, unlike any other system, it shows you how to self-diagnose swing problems and gives you the drills to lock-in your ideal swing.

And I guarantee it will help you get a fundamentally solid swing plane that’s going to significantly drop your score… in just weeks.

It’s your secret weapon the next time you play with your buddies… as long as you do what Hank tells you to do… they’ll be in awe of your transformation.

Want More Proof?

There’s nothing like the Haney Parallel Plane being taught today.

Most amateur golfers have a steep swing plane. And that results in a ball that starts left… and curves right in a slice.

But the Haney Parallel Plane works differently.

And it gives you three huge advantages.

First, when you swing on a plane, your shaft arcs from inside… to straight… to inside. That gives your club face the best chance of getting square, and returns it to your original square set-up position.

Second, when you’re swinging on a parallel plane you hit just the right amount of ground, which eliminates fat and thin shots.

And third, it allows you to make contact with the ball directly in the center of the club face, which eliminates toe and heel shots.

That is precisely why you get such consistency and distance.

It’s the same swing Tiger uses… and even golf legend Ben Hogan used a single plane method.

But how does it work for amateurs?

Hank taught Rush Limbaugh the Haney Parallel Plane. When he first appeared on the Golf Channel’s Haney Project, Rush had an 18 handicap.

Six months after Hank’s coaching… he shot a 78 at a tournament at the Everglades Course in Florida.

That means Rush dropped his handicap from 18 down to 6. Sure, I took him 6 months. But he was already a decent golfer.

Look, every golf buddy I’ve shown The Haney Blueprint to has asked me for a copy.


Because they’ve never seen anything like it. It turns conventional multi-plane swing systems on their collective ears. It’s faster to master because a Parallel Swing Plane has a lot less moving parts and timing issues.

I believe it could create a bona fide breakthrough for you… in a matter of weeks. No, it won’t make you a perfect golfer. You can still hit bad shots. But the point is, you’ll hit less and less of them while you’re mastering your swing.

So, are you ready for…

The Next Best Thing to Private Lessons
 With Tiger Woods’ Old Coach

Hank is incredibly busy with his golf centers in Texas and California. He gives motivational speeches at Nike, IBM, American Express and other large corporations.

He also owns the HH Development Company, which designs golf courses and provides consulting for golf operations.

Plus he spends considerable time on his passion project, the Hank Haney Foundation. In case you didn’t know, Hank is a cancer survivor and raises money for the American Cancer Society and other charities.

So the truth is… Hank is no longer giving private lessons to the public. He just doesn’t have the time.

Still, Hank has wisdom he wants to pass to people who love the game… and want to improve their skills and drop their scores.

And that is why The Haney Blueprint was created.

It’s the culmination of almost 40 years teaching… and six years of working with Tiger Woods… along with other winning touring pros, amateurs and juniors.

Then tweaked after teaching thousands of average golfers like you… so anyone can quickly learn it.

Look, if you know anything about Hank’s past, the fact that he was hired as Tiger’s swing coach should tell you there’s no one out there who can teach it better.

And if you’d like to try The Haney Blueprint, and see what it can do for you… with no obligation… I’ve got good news.

Putting together a course like this takes a lot of work and coordination. We recently filmed the course with Hank and sent it off for editing and production… and now it’s ready for the public.

But the problem I showed you earlier is the fact that Hank is extremely busy. We planned on waiting for him to do this video… but we decided to launch the system while we wait… and offer an exceptional deal for people who try it out.

So here’s the deal…

Until Hank records his own video for the system, we’re willing to let you try The Haney Blueprint for over 30% off the normal retail price.

That means while this video is still up, you can try The Haney Blueprint along with the Swing Plane Caddy for as little as $57.

When you consider a good pair of golf shoes can cost almost $200… heck, even the greens fees on a great course like Pebble Beach costs $495… or a set of pro-level clubs can set you back a couple of grand… $57 is practically nothing.

Many golfers spend thousands of dollars on travel, equipment, greens fees… and they can barely play the game!

Now you can clean their clock on the course for just pennies per day!

All you need to do is…

Give the Haney Blueprint a Try… Risk Free

Listen, we represent many other golf pros. While I fully believe they deliver the goods… I have to tell you I think The Haney Blueprint is very special. I’ve never seen anything like it.

And that is why I’m backing Hank’s system with not one… but two guarantees.

If you’re looking for the fastest possible results, the first one shows how confident we are you’ll get them.

Guarantee #1 – Try The Haney Blueprint for a full 30 days. Keep track of practicing the drills for 15 minutes a day – 5 days a week. If at the end of 30 days, you have not added a bare minimum of at least 15 yards to your iron shots… and 25 yards to your drives, contact our customer care department, share your training log and ask for our no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

And if that’s not good enough…

Guarantee #2 – Try The Haney Blueprint for ONE YEAR. If you’re not dazzling your pals with added distance, if you’re not stunned with your new found accuracy… or for any reason at all for that matter… contact our customer care department and ask for a complete refund of every penny you paid. No questions, quibbles or hassles.

The bottom-line is this. If The Haney Blueprint doesn’t REVOLUTIONIZE your game with less effort than you’ve ever put into any instructional product … Hank doesn’t believe he’s earned his money.

It’s that simple.

I don’t see how you have anything to lose.

So, are you ready to get started hitting long, accurate shots that will make your golfing buddies wonder how you got so good… so fast?

Then this is your invitation to learn from a living legend… Hank Haney.

With The Haney Blueprint, you will have a powerful new way to fix your swing plane and lock it in.

But before I finish, I want to tell you about…

Two FREE Gifts For Trying Out 
The Haney Blueprint Today

Of course getting your Parallel Swing Plane dialed in is going to do a lot for your game.

And that’s great.

But Hank always likes to over deliver.

That’s why he asked me to add two free gifts to make trying out The Haney Blueprint a no-brainer.

The first free gift you’ll get is Hank Haney’s Mini-Clinic.

The Mini-Clinic was filmed in Hank’s own studio and is packed with short, powerful tips that will help you maximize your potential on the course.

After a couple of weeks working on your Parallel Swing Plane … these tips will help you overcome a lot of common problems Hank has seen in his 50,000 lessons.

Each tip is short, sweet and to-the-point so you get maximum benefit in minimum time.

But that’s not all…

You’ll also get a free two-week trial to Haney University.

Haney University covers all aspects of your game… chipping… putting… bunker play… the winners mindset and more.

Here’s how it works.

Each month, you’ll get new training videos, each focuses on a specific aspect of your game.

Plus, you’ll have access to periodic webcasts where Hank will answer the best questions you and other Haney University members submit… you’ll get answers directly from the horse’s mouth.

It’s yours free, for two weeks… and of course you can cancel at ANY time you want with no obligation to continue at all.

But if you like it… it’s only $29 a month for as long as you’d like to stick around.

To recap everything… you get:

  • The Haney Blueprint DVD video instruction course with one-of-a-kind coaching to get your Parallel Swing Plane in the groove… diagnose problems… and the 3 drills that will lock in your ideal swing plane in 15 minutes a day.
  • The Swing Plane Caddy you can take with you on the course or to the driving range to give you instant feedback if your swing is out of plane.
  • Hank Haney’s Mini-Clinic that gives you short, sweet tips to improve your play and dial in your equipment
  • And a free two-week trial to Haney University for monthly instruction videos and a webcast where you can interact with Hank and get your specific questions answered.

And you’ll get everything for $30 off while this special video offer is online… so The Haney Blueprint is yours for as little as $57.

Which I guarantee will be the lowest price ever.

All you need to do to get started is click the add to cart button below, fill out the forms and we’ll rush your delivery straight to your home or office.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 30 day performance guarantee and our One Year unconditional guarantee… so you have no risk at all in trying The Haney Blueprint.

Just click the add to cart button below and you’re on your way to crushing your drives 25 yards longer… your irons at least 15 yards further… with more consistency and accuracy than you’ve ever enjoyed.

No matter what your handicap is… I believe you’ll see a stunning breakthrough in no time at all.

Oh… one more thing I forgot to tell you about.

In The Haney Blueprint, Hank will also tell you the 9 critical warm-up shots you must be able to make. Tiger Woods hits each of these shots before playing a round and when you can hit these 9 shots… your pals are mincemeat.

Go ahead, click the add to cart button right now and if you don’t see radical improvement in weeks… just let us know and we’ll make it right.

You’ve got nothing to lose… and a lot of yards to gain.

Click the add to cart button now and get ready for your best golf yet.

Limited Time Launch Sale: Save Up To 76%

Yes, I want to try The Haney Blueprint and finally get my swing on plane. I want to hit farther and faster and more accurately than ever before. And I want to self-diagnose and self-correct mishits immediately so I stop struggling with the same frustrations, and finally break the scores I’ve always dreamed of.

Here’s what I’m getting:

The Haney Blueprint: The Foundation – $87 (Digital delivery) - $97 (DVDs) Normal Price

Let world renowned golf instructor Hank Haney give you a more natural and powerful swing—one that’s on plane according to your body’s unique mechanics and delivers a longer, more accurate ball.

In The Haney Blueprint:

  • Grip tweaks that overcome your natural tendency to hook or slice the ball
  • The key to eliminating erratic shots by mastering the “self-diagnosing swing.”
  • 3 specific drills that burn the correct swing plane into muscle memory, effortlessly adding yards and accuracy to every drive.
  • Why you’ll never become a single-digit handicap if you slice the ball. And how to correct your slice for good.
  • The ‘Distance = Potential’ equation, and how to dramatically increase your club head speed to unlock the hidden potential in every swing.
  • Hank’s biggest take-aways from teaching 50,000+ lessons to juniors, amateurs, and professionals of all skill levels.
  • Hank’s best of the best swing tips for low, mid, and high handicappers.
  • Revealed… your personal swing plane, unique to you based on your body’s natural biomechanics.
  • Building a solid foundation in your grip and setup. Get these wrong and the rest of your swing is doomed from the onset.
  • The key to almost instantly adding a minimum of 4 miles per hour to your swing speed… and get “free’ extra yardage each swing

And there’s so much more. That’s just small peek at the hours of tested and true golf instruction you get in the Haney Blueprint.

Hank Haney’s Mini Clinic – Digital Version, $47 Normal Price

The Mini Clinic contains short, power-packed video lessons that answer amateur golfers’ most commonly-asked questions.

Questions like:

  • Why I am hitting too far in front of the ball?
  • Why is my ball flying so low?
  • Why did I just hit on the heel of my club?
  • Was my club face open or closed at impact?
  • How do I add loft to my shots?
  • Is my grip correct?
  • How do I know if my clubs are the right fit?
  • And many, many more

Get your answers in the Haney Mini Clinic!

Hank Haney’s Swing Plane Caddie – $27 Normal Price

This “take anywhere” caddie card is the next best thing to having Hank stand next to you during every shot. Self-diagnose your bad shots—your slices, pulls, hooks, top shots, thin shots and fat shots—and fix them with this swing corrector.

Finally, stop adding strokes by making the same mistakes over and over in every round.

BONUS: 14 Day Test Drive Haney University Monthly - $29 Normal Price

Haney University is a member’s-only online golf school. Each month Hank uploads brand new trainings geared toward specific aspects of your game: driving, chipping, putting, bunkers, swing plane, clubs, course strategy and more. Your education doesn’t stop with his core Blueprint. Plus, submit your own specific questions to Hank. He chooses and answers the most commonly asked questions in periodic video webcasts available to Haney University students only. Try Haney University free for 14 days. If you’re happy, do nothing and only then will we bill you the VIP rate of just $29/month. While the membership fees themselves are non-refundable, you can cancel any time and you will not be billed again.

One Year No Questions Asked Guarantee

Hank has taught more than 50,000 lessons in his 36+ years teaching the game. He counts some of the game’s legends—like Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods—among his 200 touring professional clients. His students have won every major tournament in professional, amateur, and junior golf. And Hank believes that if you don’t improve as a player… if you don’t add uncanny distance and accuracy, and reduce your handicap using what he’s taught you in The Haney Blueprint… well, then he hasn’t done his job.

That’s why Hank and Golf Tailor (the publisher) are going to let you try this system for an entire year before you need to decide if it’s for you.

If at any time during the next 12 months, you’re unhappy or disappointed with either the course or the results you’re getting, simply let our team know at by e-mailing or calling 1-888-241-2460 and you’ll get a full and prompt refund. No hassles, no questions, and no arguments.

Bottom Line: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Please choose your best option below to get started.

  • Digital Version, Watch Online

  • The Haney Blueprint Online Version
  • The Haney Mini Clinic
  • The Haney Swing Plane Caddie
  • 14-Day Haney University Trial
  • Normal Price $190
  • Today’s Special $57 (Save $133)
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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    Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm CST

  • Physical DVDs, Shipped To Your Door

  • The Haney Blueprint DVDs
  • The Haney Mini Clinic
  • The Haney Swing Plane Caddie
  • 14-Day Haney University Trial
  • Normal Price $200
  • Today’s Special $67 (Save $133)
  • 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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